Emergency Dentist in Omaha, NE

Paul Krause Dental offers emergency dental treatment care to our Omaha clients because we know that dental emergencies can happen at any time, and can be incredibly serious and cause severe pain. Emergency dentistry plays a crucial role in quickly addressing acute dental issues, providing immediate relief and preventing long-term damage to oral health. That means our staff will do everything possible to see you as soon as possible and address your oral pain at that very appointment. No matter the severity of your dental emergency, from intense toothaches to minor chips, we prioritize your situation, aiming to minimize discomfort and restore your ability to eat, speak, and smile comfortably.


A toothache is normally caused by decay entering the nerve area and creates a very painful situation.  Toothaches don’t always result in a root canal and can be fixed by changing up your toothpaste, eating habits, or by filling a tiny crack in your tooth. The most extreme toothache results in a root canal operation.

In the time between the pain and getting in to see a dentist at Paul Krause Dental, there is a temporary sedative filling that can be found in the dental section of most drug stores. Place this over the “hole” to help alleviate symptoms. Do not place aspirin on the tooth. A numbing agent such as Orajel can also be placed on the tooth for temporary relief of dental pain.

In the case of a minor toothache, an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen or Aleve will help alleviate dental pain better than Tylenol or aspirin, as long as you do not have any allergies to these drugs or are not taking any other medications that may have side effects with ibuprofen or Aleve.

Mouth Swelling

Mouth swelling can be due to an oral infection.  If you are experiencing mouth swelling, contact Paul Krause Dental immediately. We will be able to provide you a solution over the phone or if need be, can schedule an emergency appointment for you to come in. If the swelling is causing you difficulty breathing or causes your eye to become swollen, go directly to the hospital. It is likely you will need IV antibiotics. While your mouth is swollen, never put heat on a swollen area. This may cause the infection to spread more quickly. Often antibiotics will most likely be given and need to be taken as prescribed.

After the swelling is addressed, there is usually an underlying dental issue like an infected tooth which needs a root canal or an extraction. Our oral hygienist will be able to educate you and perform the necessary work to prevent the swelling in the future.

Chipped or Fractured Tooth

If there is no tooth pain or sensitivity, it is likely the cracked tooth fracture does not involve the nerve or that the tooth may already be root canaled.

If you do experience dental sensitivity and are unable to seek urgent dental care you can get a temporary sedative filling at your local drug store to place over the area to help with sensitivity until you can get into our office.

For a large tooth fracture, emergency intervention may involve placing a crown over the tooth to restore its integrity and function. However, if the fracture is minor, it might only necessitate smoothing the area or using a filling to replace the lost tooth structure, ensuring the tooth’s appearance and function are maintained without immediate, extreme pain.

Tooth Knocked Out

If the tooth or dental implants are accidentally knocked out, and it is a permanent tooth, putting it back in is possible.  An oral hygienist from Paul Krause will need to be involved. Until then, handle the tooth by the crown and not the root portion.

Carefully rinse the tooth with cold water but do not scrub the tooth or touch the root.

Try to re-implant the tooth immediately by putting the root back into the socket. You will know that you are finished when the tooth lines up with the rest of the teeth.

If the above is not possible, put the tooth in a cup of milk and try to seek emergency treatment within an hour. Most dental emergencies, including severe toothaches and chipped teeth, require immediate attention to prevent further complications and ensure quick relief from pain.

For after-hours emergency dental services, please call our office directly at 402-334-9239 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Contact Paul Krause Dental Omaha office for immediate help with dental emergencies. Nothing makes us smile more than helping your smile!